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The Top Hunting Locations Near Louisiana

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An elite hunting experience includes everything from unique terrain, a variety of wildlife, and additional amenities to help capture the entire outdoors experience. At Lusco Outdoors, we have six properties that we supply trophy kills and the ultimate hunt located near you - perfect for a quick or long getaway. Keep reading to learn a little more about each property.

Diamond Island

First up, we have our Diamond Island Plantation. This 10,000 acre island is located just south of Vicksburg, Mississippi. You can experience all types of hunting including whitetail, duck, small game, and turkey hunting. What do you do with your kills? No worries, we have a game processing facility on our grounds that includes a walk-in cooler. Enjoy luxury lodging that includes spacious rooms with beautiful balcony views of the Mississippi River. Bass, catfish, and white perch fishing are just one of the many bonus amenities at this location. Check us out today!

Diamond Island

Davis Island

Not far from our Diamond Island location, we have Davis Island, a 30,000 acre island, located in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Boat or barge are the primary form of transportation to access the island. This unique property is for the outdoorsman who prefers a more secluded hunting experience.

We've have cozy 3 bedroom, 1 bath bunk houses to accommodate our guests. Both Davis and Diamond Island have multiple 2-person box stands. Similar to Diamond Island, we also have a game processing facility, planted food plots, and green fields scattered across the property. With access through Diamond Island, you can also enjoy time spent at the Diamond Island. Find out more about the amenities and wildlife at this location! 

Davis Island


Just a few miles south from the Diamond Island Plantation, we have the Wyatt Tract and the Ditta Tracts on the Mississippi River levee. Wyatt Tract is over 850 acres located in Mound, Louisiana. Ditta Tract is over 750 acres located in Kings Lake, Louisiana. These properties are mostly known for their whitetail deer and duck hunting, as well as opportunities for seasonal turkey hunts. 

In addition, we have alligator hunting available plus fantastic bass and white perch fishing available. You and your crew would love a stay at our 4,000 sq.ft. cypress lodge. Don't miss out on the best experience at one of these top hunting locations. Get more information about these locations and view our property map.



Where are all our duck hunters? Liddieville is the place to be! Our Liddieville location is 1150 acres, a few miles southwest of Winnsboro, Louisiana. This is extraordinary area is one of our top duck hunting locations in Louisiana. We flood approximately 50% of the property annually for duck hunting. We have planted food plots and green fields scattered across the property. 

Aside from duck hunting, we also feature an outstanding deer and hog hunting experience. You and your buddies can enjoy your stay in our 2400 sq.ft camphouse and enjoy hunting in one of our multiple 2 person box stands. Calling all you wing shooters to come check us out in Liddieville.



Moving on to our wonderful Whipstock properties. Close to 1600 acres of land located in Poplarville, Mississippi, Whipstock is just a short drive away from the New Orleans area. There's a lot going on at this location. We have "fair chase" high fence hunting focused on duck, turkey, whitetail deer, quail, and squirrel hunting. But that's not it! We have optional access to exotics such as axis, auodad, buck, and fallow.

Enjoy a guided hunt? They're provided on certain days of the week. This is one of several of our properties that includes a world-class game processing facility with a walk-in cooler as well as planted food plots and green fields planted across the property. As a bonus, ATV transportation is included to and from stands.

You'll be able to kick your feet up and relax  in our 3500 sq.ft. lodge. Enjoy some fun at our shooting range or fishing in one of the 12 lakes across the property. The wonderful Whipstock property may be your new favorite hunting location. See for yourself!

Whipstock 1 & 2

Jayhawk Creek Ranch

Lastly, our newest location is located in the heart of the west-central Texas prairies. Jayhawk Creek Ranch is a world-class hunting destination. With over 3,000 acres of hunting land, we have experienced guides who will ensure you have a great hunting experience. Not only do we offer whitetail deer and bird hunting, but also have an outstanding exotic hunting selection. We have over 25 species of animals roaming around the ranch.

What more can you ask for than beautiful scenery and an abundance of wildlife? Well, hunting isn't the only thing you can enjoy at our ranch. From the time you step foot on our ranch, you will be greeted and taken care of by our friendly staff and enjoy comfortable high-end lodging and quality food. Delight in the different amenities offered at the Ranch such as swimming, fishing, skeet shooting, and hitting a few golf balls at our range. Expect nothing less than amazing when you book with us! Find out more about this location and see a preview of our animals.

Jayhawk Creek Ranch

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Okay, so it's safe to say that one of these amazing locations will rank at the top of your favorite hunting properties. If you haven't had a chance to experience the outdoors Lusco style, don't waste any more time. Let us answer any additional questions you might have about our properties, animals, and additional amenities!

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