Club Rules & Regulations

Protecting the environment we all enjoy. 

At Lusco Outdoors, our goal is to create a safe, fun hunting environment and experience for all members, their families and guests.

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OUr Objective

We have two primary goals at Lusco Outdoors:

  1. Creating a safe and fun hunting environment and experience for all members, their families and guests.
  2. Managing the game on the property in a manner to allow 1) bucks to reach their full potential by keeping the harvest of young bucks to a bare minimum with the goal of harvesting bucks 4 1/2 years and older, 2) keep the harvest of young does to a minimum, and 3) create a healthy buck-to-doe ratio.

In order to do so, we uphold various rules on each of our properties. Please see below for all of our regulations that apply to each Lusco Outdoors property.  



  1. Annual memberships MAY NOT be traded, loaned, granted, split, shared or sold.

  2. A membership year shall be from June 1st until May 31st of the following year.

  3. Membership fees WILL NOT be reimbursed at any time for any reason.

  4. A membership may be revoked for unlawful behavior, or at discretion of ownership.

Lusco Outdoors

General Rules

  1. All members and guests are required to have current state hunting and/or fishing licenses.
  2. Absolutely no dog hunting for deer whatsoever shall be allowed on properties. Dogs will only be allowed for recovery of game or bird and small game hunting. Using a dog for the purpose of tracking wounded/dead deer should be outside normal hunting hours.
  3. Members and guests will abide by all rules and regulations required by Club.
  4. There will be absolutely no cutting down or causing damage to any trees whatsoever. Only minimum limb trimming for shooting lanes will be acceptable.
  5. All vehicles must remain on designated roads and shall leave designated roads for deer retrieval and emergencies only. Membership transportation on property is the sole responsibility of the member. Transportation will not be provided.
  6. During hunting seasons vehicle traffic on property will be extremely limited. Other than traveling to and from hunting areas for hunting, stand placement and deer retrieval, all other traffic is prohibited.
  7. During hunting seasons no vehicles will be allowed to travel on property during hunting hours or between 8:00 pm and 4:00 am except to retrieve a deer or emergency purposes.
  8. During hunting seasons no vehicles should be parked during hunting hours that can affect another hunter’s hunt. Every precaution should be made to park your ATV where it will not be in sight of any stand or on any game trails leading to a stand.
  9. No joy riding whatsoever will be tolerated during the hunting seasons.
  10. No trucks, cars or SUVs should be on any roads when wet after rain or flooding.
  11. All hunters shall respect and be courteous to the other hunters on the property and do everything possible not to interfere or disturb another hunter’s hunt.
  12. All members will be responsible for keeping area around their camps in a clean and orderly manner.
  13. All members are responsible to leave any common areas they and their guests use in a clean and orderly fashion after using such as sign out area, skinning sheds, coolers, etc.

Hunting Areas & Stands

  1. The properties will be divided into a number of hunting areas that will be named/numbered and marked on roads and trails leading to the hunting areas, it is the responsibility of each member to become familiar with the property and all hunting areas.
  2. All open, unrestricted hunting areas are available for hunting by all members and their guests.
  3. Stands/Shooting Houses owned by the club, “Club Stands”, are available for use by all members and their guests.
  4. No “Club Stand” shall be moved or removed without prior written approval.
  5. Any member can place their personal portable stand, “Member Stand” at any hunting area provided it does not interfere with the use of a current “Club Stand” or a “Member Stand” already in place, and the area has not been closed or restricted. These stands should be tagged or clearly marked with the members name to identify his stand. If not clearly marked it will be considered a “Club Stand” and available for all members to hunt. “Members Stands” shall not be hunted by other members or guests without prior approval of the member placing the stand.
  6. No guests shall place a stand other than a portable climber or cut any shooting lanes. This stand should not interfere with any club or member stand and should be removed after each hunt.
  7. Each member is limited to 2 personal stands.
  8. No member may plant or establish a food plot without permission. If permission is granted this food plot may be hunted by all members following normal sign in procedures.

Hunting Days & Hours / Signing In & Out

  1. Hunting days will be all legal hunting days recognized by the State of Louisiana and Mississippi.
  2. Morning Hunting hours will be 30 minutes before sunrise until 10:00 am. All hunters should be at their hunting area at least 30 minutes before sunrise and shall not leave their hunting area before 9:00 am.
  3. Evening hunting hours will be 2:00 pm until 30 minutes after sunset. All hunters should be at their hunting area by 3:45 pm and not leave their hunting area until 30 minutes after sunset.
  4. Midday hunting hours are not recognized although hunting will be allowed during the middle of day.If a hunter is making a midday hunt, he cannot drive to the area until 9:30 am and must return to camp no later than 3:00 pm unless they are staying in the same hunting area for the evening hunt.
  5. Members may sign in morning areas anytime between 9:00 pm the previous night and 5:00 am and evening areas anytime between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Guests must wait till 5:00 am to sign in morning areas and 2:00 pm to sign in evening areas.
  6. If a hunter is entering or exiting his hunting area late or early, he shall make every effort not to drive past any area that is being hunted by others. The hunter must pick a hunting area that will keep him from passing by or through any signed-out hunting area.
  7. No vehicles will be allowed to travel to a hunting area after sunrise for morning hunts and after 4:00 pm for evening hunts, with the exception of an emergency.
  8. If a member signs out a hunting area for a morning hunt, he will maintain first right of refusal for that area for the evening hunt. THIS DOES NOT APPLY FOR A GUEST.
  9. If a hunter plans to stay out past the morning hunt hours, he should indicate this in the sign out book and communicate this with another member/hunter. If a hunter plans to hunt the middle of the day and stay out for evening hunt, he should indicate this in the sign out book and communicate this with another member. If a hunter plans to change his hunting area between hunts, HE MUST COME BACK TO THE SIGN OUT AREA BETWEEN HUNTS AND SIGN OUT FOR THE NEW HUNTING AREA.
  10. All hunters must return to sign out board immediately after hunt and remove their tag from board, only exception is a member may leave tag in place if hunting the same area for the evening hunt.
  11. All hunters shall indicate what area they are hunting by placing their tag on sign out board and writing the area in sign out book. If signing out guest, guest name should be indicated in sign out book.
  12. No scouting, baiting, placing stands or any other activity should be done during hunting hours or at night. These activities should only occur between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm and on a limited basis during any hunting seasons.

Guest Rules

  1. A guest must be eighteen (18) years of age, have hunting experience, have completed and passed a hunter educations safety course, and show a reasonable amount of hunting knowledge and deer identification ability prior to being allowed to hunt alone.
  2. All guests other than children will be limited to ten (10) hunting days per year during the deer season and ten (10) days per year during the turkey season.
  3. A member is responsible for his guests and their actions at all times, if a guest breaks a rule the member will be responsible for paying any fines incurred by the infraction. Depending on seriousness of the infraction the guest may be suspended from future hunting at the Club.
  4. A guest’s harvest will count against the sponsoring member’s harvest allotments.
  5. A guest is allowed a maximum of two (2) deer per year with only one being a buck and 1 turkey per year.
  6. A member must be present in order for a guest to hunt.
Lusco Outdoors

Safety Rules

  1. Weapons may not be loaded until hunter arrives at designated hunting area and must be completely unloaded prior to leaving hunting area. No loaded weapons will be allowed in or around camps.
  2. No hunter will be allowed to hunt if they are intoxicated.
  3. No hunting or shooting will be allowed from a vehicle.
  4. All members shall report any conditions on the property they feel may cause a problem or safety hazard for other hunters as soon as possible, including but not limited to: unsafe stands, roads, rule infractions, etc.
  5. All hunters must wear an orange vest at all times during any rifle/black powder seasons while on the property, except when on stand or in camp area. If your safety vest is removed while hunting from a stand it must be put back on prior to leaving the stand.
  6. All hunters hunting in temporary, lean to, lock on, climber stands shall use a safety harness at all times.
  7. It is recommended that all hunters have some type of communication device while on the property such as radio/walkie talkie and/or cell phone, so that they may communicate with another hunter.
  8. It is member’s responsibility to become familiar with hunting areas that he and his guest intend to hunt. It is a member’s responsibility to escort his guests to and from their hunting area.
  9. No hunter shall wander out their hunting area during hunting hours.
  10. All hunters seventeen (17) years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult at all time while on the property.

Game Limits and Allotments

  1. All game limits are subject to change based on compliance with regulatory agencies and state laws.
  2. Each membership is allowed three (3) trophy bucks per year, with one (1) of the bucks coming from the Whipstock property. A trophy buck is defined as:
    1. All bucks with 8 measurable points, a measurable point being at least 1 inch in length coming off the main beam, must score a minimum of 130 gross inches;
    2. All bucks with 9 measurable points must score a minimum of 140 gross inches;
    3. All bucks with 10 or more measurable points must score a minimum of 150 inches;
    4. Any buck taken should be at least 5 1/2 years old;
    5. Every trophy buck’s antlers should be properly measured according to Boone & Crockett standards. This measurement should be verified by an additional member and is subject to measure by the Club Manager.
  3. There will be no limits on management/cull bucks. A management/cull buck is defined as:
    1. Have 7 or fewer measurable points, have at least 16 inch inside spread or at least a main beam of 20 inches on one side;
    2. Have 7 or fewer measurable points and be at least 3 1/2 years or older, or
    3. Have 8 measurable points and be at least 4 1/2 years old;
    4. Be on the Biologist’s “Cull” list.
    5. NOTICE: An 8 point that has broken off one or more of its tines by some means shall NOT be considered a 7 point and thus not be considered a management/cull buck. The same goes for trophy bucks, for example a 9 or 10 point that has broken off one or more of its tines shall still be considered a 9 or 10 point and thus must still meet the appropriate harvest criteria.
  4. The annual doe allotment will be determined each year by the biologist’s survey and does will be taken until that allotment is reached. To be determined
  5. Every deer taken by member or guest should be recorded in the Harvest book at the club skin shed. Does should be weighed. Bucks should be measured and weighed.
  6. A photo should be taken of all bucks harvested and forward to Club Manager. (to biologist)
  7. No does may be taken between December 15th and January 15th except by bow or crossbow.


  1. If a member or guest kills an 8 point under 130 inches but at least 125 inches there will be a $1,000 fine, under 125 gross inches the fine will be $2,000.
  2. If a member or guest kills a 9 point under 140 inches but at least 135 inches there will be a $1,000 fine, under 135 gross inches the fine will be $2,000.
  3. If a member or guest kills a 10 point under 150 inches there will be a $2,000 fine.
  4. Charlie Lusco will have final say on fines and may implement a maximum fine if an exceptional under age deer is killed regardless of above criteria.
  5. It is always member’s responsibility when judging a deer before shooting and to keep in mind when in doubt don’t shoot especially on a young deer.
  6. A member is responsible for paying any fine their guests may incur before they will be allowed to hunt again.

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