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Scope Out Our Newest Membership Package - The Lone Star

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Lusco Outdoors club members now have access to our newest membership - meet The Lone Star! Located in Texas, we're proud to offer an elite experience for you and your family.

Our brand new ranch is as big as it gets! Jayhawk Creek Ranch, our newest Lusco Outdoors property, is located in the heart of the west-central Texas prairies, roughly midway between Abilene and Midland, Texas. 

At Jayhawk Creek Ranch, you will have access to friendly staff, comfortable high-end lodging, experienced guides, a beautiful landscape, quality food, and above all: exceptional Texas hunting! 

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We have over 3,000 acres of land filled with a large diversity of wildlife for Southwest hunting. Our ranch includes bird hunting, whitetail deer, and over 25 species of exotic animals (and more). We've got the best hunting in Texas!

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Whitetail Deer Hunting

Not only do we have monster-sized whitetail deer, but we also offer free range hunting (for whitetail and hogs only).


Exotic Hunting

The ranch offers challenging, exotic hunting for some of the most desired big game species year-round. We offer oryx, zebra, bison, yak, and many other animals. View our Wildlife Game here.


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Bird Hunting

Whether you are looking to hunt dove, chukar, wild bobwhite, blue quail, or pheasants, you will be led by experts who know the land and the birds!

Check out our biggest trophies caught on camera!




The ranch

Jayhawk Creek Ranch sits on 3,000 acres with over 5,000 sq/ft in our main lodge. Our luxury, Texas style ranch is a one-of-a-kind getaway! Our lodge accommodates small circles of friends or large groups for our oil and gas corporate trips. Your party can also indulge in a number of amenities and activities that are offered at the Ranch!

  • Lighted skeet shooting
  • Driving range
  • 30-foot stock tank swimming pool
  • Several lakes and ponds
  • Fishing



Lusco Outdoors offers a limited number of hunting memberships to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime experience with access to world-class properties. Lusco's elite club of exclusive members are now eligible to purchase our newest hunting package - The Lone Star. The Lone Star membership package starts at $20,000 and allows access to our only property in Texas, Jayhawk Creek Ranch.


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The Lone Star

Lone Star members do not have to stay at the lodge, but it comes highly recommended. The Lone Star lodging fee includes 3 meals per day, alcohol, lighted skeet shooting, driving range, and swimming. Lodging add on for the Lone Star is $200 per night for single occupancy, $350 per night for double occupancy and $125 per day for the guide fee. All hunts must be booked ahead of time and includes:

  • $5,000 credit toward one (1) animal in the High Fence
  • Two (2) Trophy Buck on the Free Range property
  • Two (2) Turkey on the Free Range property
  • Unlimited Hogs in the Free Range property
  • All hunts in the Free Range property MUST be semi-guided
  • 50% off bird hunt events

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If you haven't had a chance to experience the outdoors Lusco style, don't waste any more time. Let us answer any questions you may have about our properties, animals, and amenities!

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