Our membership club is more than just hunting. As a Lusco member, you will be treated as a valued guest and friend! At Lusco Outdoors, we pride ourselves in delivering an unforgettable experience for our members. 

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Lusco hunting memberships are a great way to experience an elite, exciting hunt. They include a stay at the lodge and give you access to many exclusive areas on Lusco Outdoors' various properties! Join now so that we can show you why Kenny MacMaster has been part of our club since the beginning!

Why did you become a Lusco Outdoor's member? 

After visiting some of the Lusco properties as a guest for a few years, I knew that it would be a perfect fit for myself and my family.  You will be hard pressed to find better hunting than at these properties. The members are the kind of people you want to spend your time away-from-home with, and whom I now call my friends.


Hunting | Lusco OutdoorsWhat is your favorite Lusco experience?

One of my favorite experiences is being able to teach my two boys about hunting, while spending time with them.  The amount of deer you see enables you to really explain deer management, how to accurately age deer and to make the right choices.  Another great experience was when my son shot a really nice buck after patiently hunting most of the season, waiting for the right one.

Which Lusco Outdoor property is your favorite to hunt?

This is a really tough question. I really enjoy all of the properties and what each one has to offer.  From ducks to deer, there are plenty of high quality locations to choose from. After hunting hard last year, I was able to harvest a few really good bucks, had many successful duck hunts and saw a ton of turkey.  The fishing at Whipstock is great! But if I had to pick one spot, it would be Diamond Island.


Lusco Outdoors What would you say to someone who is considering becoming a Lusco member?

I would highly recommend Lusco Outdoors for all of your hunting needs.  You won't be able to find a club with better hunting grounds that encompasses it all - from deer, ducks, turkey and everything in between.

The quality of the Whitetail is second to none and the herd is very strong. It wouldn’t be uncommon to see 30+ deer a hunt; a lot of them being bucks.  Every location also has sleeping accommodations which is also a huge bonus. If you are looking for a club that has it all, this is it. 


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